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Seven Seas Ministries was founded and formed in 2005. We are based in Rhode Island, in the United States.

Despite being located in the smallest state in the USA, we have a global focus and outreach, using the internet as our main means of spreading the gospel and equipping the saints of God to live strong, victorious lives.

Our primary emphasis is teaching via daily devotional emails sent to people across the globe, currently reaching into more than 90 nations. Pastor Curt & Pastor Ellie share messages each day based on applying the word of God to real-life experiences, imparting wisdom and insight gained as they have walked through various tests, trials and victories in their own lives.

Despite being an international ministry, much time is spent one on one with those who need it. We spend a considerable amount of time counseling and walking people though difficult times in their lives, helping them to get the victory they need to overcome tough situations.

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